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Home > Products > Mesh dump truck tarps w/ plastic spline & grommets > 7' x 22' Mesh dump truck tarp with plastic spline & grommets
7' x 22' Mesh dump truck tarp with plastic spline & grommets
Additional Photos PVC mesh fabric PVC mesh fabric 6 inch pocket for wand cross bar 6 inch pocket for wand cross bar 6 inch pocket for wand cross bar 6 inch pocket for wand cross bar
plastic spline with grommets Drawing plastic spline with grommets plastic spline with grommets
7' x 22' Mesh dump truck tarp with plastic spline & grommets

Item Number: 1028

Price: $88.64
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  • PVC mesh fabric for replacement dump truck tarps is a seamless one-piece construction (no welded pieces). The one piece gives added strength and durability to the tarp.
  • 10 oz. per square yard Black PVC coated mesh fabric. (see notation below for fabric testing results).
  • Our 10OZFFB1111 Replacement dump truck tarps are designed to be used on most types of automatic and manual dump truck tarping systems.
  • Offered in 7' or 7'6" widths. Various lengths of replacement dump truck tarps available. Please go to section on AAA Tarps website listing all current sizes available.
  • 6" pocket on one end of 7' or 7'6" wide dump truck tarp for wand cross bar.
  • (4) No. 4 Brass tooth grommets that will "not" rust are placed along the sewn hem of the pocket.
  • (4) No. 4 Brass tooth grommets that will "not" rust, along with 1/4" plastic spline is on other 7' or 7'6" end of the replacement dump truck tarp to attach to wind-up roller bar/and or aluminum extruded roller bar.
  • No.4 Brass grommets that will "not" rust is placed approximately 38" to 40" on centers along tarp sides.
  • PVC Mesh fabric is folded over along the tarp sides, end with the (4) grommets, 6" pocket edges and a 2" inch wide Heavy Duty Webbing is sewn on top of fold/hem with double needle lock stitch using UV Polyester thread. This gives added strength and stability to the dump truck tarps.

The mesh fabric for the replacement dump truck tarps is made with a PVC Coating. This Plasticized PVC offers excellent protection against atmospheric agents and adverse weather conditions. These PVC resins are applied to the polyester yarns as the yarns are going through a PVC bath and then tentered with high heat in order to lock fibers into place, therefore giving you high tear strength for rugged applications in the hauling industry. It also allows airflow while containing the load. This simply relieves air pressure which normally tears most fabrics.

PVC Mesh Fabric Specifications:
  • Construction 11 x 11 thread count per square inch
  • Fiber content:PVC coated Polyester
  • PVC black mesh tarp fabric weight is approximately 10 oz. per square yard
  • Each yarn is coated with PVC before weaving, for abrasion and UV resistance
  • Extremely durable
  • PVC mesh fabric is mainly used by the professional industry where maximum durability is required from daily use.
  • PVC mesh fabric is "not" flame retardant
  • PVC mesh fabric is "not" waterproof
Applications for PVC Mesh Fabric:
  1. Refuse Hauling Tarps
  2. Waste Hauling Tarps
  3. Gravel Hauling Tarps
  4. Sand Hauling Tarps
  5. Tree Hauling Tarps
  6. Landscaping Hauling Tarps
  7. Debris Hauling Tarps
  8. Trash Hauling Tarps
  9. Wood Chip Hauling Tarps
  10. Mulch Hauling Tarps
  11. Contractor Tarps
  12. Throw Tarps
  13. Farming Tarps
  14. Nursery Tarps
  15. Commercial Tarps
  16. Rubbish Hauling Tarps
  17. Manual Tarps
  18. Saw Mill Waste Tarps
  19. Replacment dump truck tarps
  20. Flip tarps
  21. Arm tarps
  22. Tarping systems
  23. Replacement Flip tarps
  24. Replacement Arm tarps
Test Report No. 3245
Date: 10/8/2005

Sample Receiving Date: Sept. 20, 2005

Test Performing Date: Oct. 8, 2005

Test Results

Breaking Strength (ASTM D5034):

Warp: 958.1 N
Weft: 991.7 N

Breaking Elongation:

Warp: 16.6%
Weft: 15.8%

Bursting Strength (ASTM D3786):


Resistance to Low Temperature (-30 degrees Celsius, 24h):

No cracking

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