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Home > Products > Daily Landfill Covers or Landfill Tarps Deployed by 2 Pieces of Equipment, Dozers or Compactors > 100' x 150' Alternative Daily Landfill Cover & Landfill Tarps, 3 Corner Pull Design
100' x 150' Alternative Daily Landfill Cover & Landfill Tarps, 3 Corner Pull Design
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100' x 150' Alternative Daily Landfill Cover & Landfill Tarps, 3 Corner Pull Design

Item Number: 10393

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100' x 150' Alternative Daily Landfill Cover & Landfill Tarps, 3 Corner Pull Design. Our Landfill Tarps are made for extreme conditions & very durable. This landfill cover is made for 2 Pieces of Equipment to deploy such as compactors, dozers or even Trackhoes. Our Landfill Tarps are all 100% USA Made from raw material to labor. We recommend attaching an old tire to the corner pulls and then attaching a different strap from the tires to the working equipment. These tires will act as a spring and will give the driver a visual to see how much torque they are putting on the corners in order to not tear the tarp. These tires will give both drivers a visual as to when they need to correct the steering of the equipment and be able to correct the amount of torque they put onto the tarp. If using a Trackhoe to deploy the tarp, then just grab the tire with the trackhoe and not the tarp in order not to tear the tarp wihle covering or uncovering as shown in photos attached.

**Please click on additional photos and diagrams to enlarge and get a better view of the product.

100' (ft) x 150' (ft)

  • USA Made base fabric and 100% USA labor
  • Longer Lasting material with Higher Tear Strengths and much better UV protection from Sun Damage
  • Custom designs accepted if our standard designs are not exactly what you are looking for
  • 3 Cargo Webbing pull loops with 11,000 pound break strength are sewn in each corner for added protection when tarping and untarping
  • Each pull loop has a reinforcement patch, so there are as few seams as possible facing the trash.
  • Reinforced Webbing sewn all around perimeter
  • Each loop is sewn onto top and bottom of landfill cover for added strength
  • Heavy duty 11,000 pound cargo webbing around the perimeter of the landfill cover
  • These landfill trash tarps Provide affordable long term coverage
  • These landfill trash covers are an affordable solution to overnight protection
  • Using Landfill tarps for ADC coverage saves valuable airspace in order to increase revenue with increased waste inputs
  • Fast and efficient cover deployment, reducing the timely and expensive need to deploy top soil, clays and other aggregates by mechanical equipment
  • Improved compaction rates
  • Guaranteed source of cover
  • Contains wind blown litter

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