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Home > Products > Storm Water Regulation Tarp systems for Refuse & Roll off Containers > Roll-off Container Waterproof Tarp system, Side-Roll Tarp Kit
Roll-off Container Waterproof Tarp system, Side-Roll Tarp Kit
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Roll-off Container Waterproof Tarp system, Side-Roll Tarp Kit

Item Number: 10554

Price: $799.00
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Roll-off Container Waterproof Tarp system, Waterproof Sideroll Tarp Kit. This roll off container tarp system will fit 20yd, 30yd & 40yd boxes. Our Tarping system for roll off containers comes complete with a waterproof tarp and all necessary hardware for installation. This tarp system mounts onto the rolloff container with ease. You will simply use a pre-assembled crank handle to roll this tarp from one side of the container to the other in order to tarp & untarp. If you or your company are trying to keep water or environmental elements out of the waste container, then this is the kit for you. We have designed this weather proof tarp kit for trash boxes so that young or old, male or female, tall or short can tarp and untarp with ease. This weather proof tarp system will not effect your haulers tarp system while they are going to unload your container. Our tarp kit will not get in the way of your haulers equipment. We supply all hardware and tarp for this kit, you will have 4 rigid bows that give the tarp a rise of between 8" to 10" in order for rain or snow to not pile up on top of the roll off container. The rain or snow will simply slide right off the top of the container.

This kit will ship the following parts:

  • Heavy Duty Industrial Waterproof Vinyl Roll over Tarp or Sideroll Tarp with flaps that will cover the front and rear as well
  • 1" x 24' Pipe - Fixed Pipe (Pipe is inserted into a pocket in the tarp & it mounts to side of container up top along the top rail)
  • 4 -Tarp Stops -  These tarp stops are mounted to the top of the container and they keep the tarp from falling to the ground
  • 2" x 24' Roll Pipe with Square Key - (This pipe is inserted into a pocket in the tarp & it makes the tarp roll from side to side)
  • 4 - U Clamps (These U-Clamps secure the tarp to the roll pipe)
  • 4 - Adjustable Steel Bows (These bows give you a rise in height so your rain & snow do not pile up onto the container and weigh tarp down)
  • 8 - Steel Bow Brackets (These brackets mount on the inside of container & the bows slide into these holders on each side)
  • 3 - 2" Ratchets (Ratchets are used to tighten the waterproof container tarp system down to the container giving a secure fit)
  • 3 - 2" x 5' straps (Straps are threaded through the ratchets in order to secure the tarp system down onto the container)
  • 31 - 3/8" Self Tapping Bolts (These bolts are used to mount the the weather proof tarp system onto the trash bin)
  • 4 - 1/4" x 1" Self Tapping Screws (These screws are used for the U-Clamps)
  • Crank Kit  - Regular crank with square key (crank, retainers, snapper pins, pin cables, this handle kit is used to roll tarp open & closed)

Please call with any questions that you may have, this trash bin tarp kit ships quickly.  We have these Weather Proof Trash bin tarp kits for all size containers available.

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