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Home > Products > Sideroll Trash Trailer Tarp Kits > Ratchet Style Sideroll or Roll Tarp Kit for 45 ft Transfer Trailers.
Ratchet Style Sideroll or Roll Tarp Kit for 45 ft Transfer Trailers.
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Ratchet Style Sideroll or Roll Tarp Kit for 45 ft Transfer Trailers.

Item Number: 10564

Price: $895.00
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Ratchet Style Sideroll or Roll Tarp for 45 ft Transfer Trailers. This is the most economical ratchet style tarp kit for trash trailers on the market.  Our ratchet style tarp system is designed for open top transfer trailers. This simple but yet effective tarp kit will not only give you containment but also save you time from hand tarping your loads.  You simply roll the entire tarp from one side of the trailer to the other and then tie it down in order to tarp, saving you time, money and most importantly safety when tarping your load. This roll tarp system is for a 45' Trash Trailer.

  • Can be with a Waterproof Tarp or Mesh Tarp
  • Offset 3" Extruded Aluminum Tarp Stops
  • Removable Straight Crank Handle
  • Can be used with attached nose & tail of tarp 
  • This Tarp System is for TRASH TRAILERS ONLY !!!


This kit comes with the following parts: Roll Pipe, Fixed Pipe, EZ offset Tarp Stops, U-Clamps, Yellow Cargo Straps with Dee Rings, 2" Ratchet Buckles, Straight Crank Handle and all necessary hardware to complete this sideroll tarp system for Trash Trailers.

Roll Pipe will roll the entire length of tarp from the passenger side to the driver side of the trailer.

Fixed Pipe stays put on the passenger side of the trailer.

EZ offset Tarp Stops keeps the tarp on the top rail in the uncovered position and allows for quick and easy replacement of the tarp. Our Tarp Stops are made extruded aluminum & have greater durability and strength than casted aluminum tarp stops. We offer these tarp stops in 3" offset.

U-Clamps are used to attach the tarp to the Pipe.

Cargo Straps with Dee Rings are used to help contain and ratchet the tarp down on the trailer.

Ratchet Buckles are what you will put your Cargo Straps through in order to torque down & hold the tarp in place.

Straight Crank Handle is what you will hook into the Roll Pipe connector with in order to roll the tarp from one side of trailer to the other.

We use a square key connection between the Straight Crank Handle and Roll Pipe on our Ratchet Sideroll Tarp Systems.

3" Offset Tarp Stops made from Extruded Aluminum is standard on our Sideroll Trash Trailer Tarp Kit. If you are looking for rubber offset tarp stops then please call, we do offer these as well.

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