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Home > Products > Automatic Replacement Landfill Tarps for Alternative Daily Cover Tarps > 30' x 150' Replacement Automatic Deployment Landfill Tarp
30' x 150' Replacement Automatic Deployment Landfill Tarp
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30' x 150' Replacement Automatic Deployment Landfill Tarp

Item Number: 10658

Price: Call for Price

Our Improved Design replacement Automatic Deployment Landfill covers are the longest lasting and best covers on the market. We have listened to the users of these systems and built a landfill cover that not only is compatible with Automatic deployment systems but a much better design than the OEM landfill tarps.

30' x 150' Replacement Automatic Deployment Landfill Cover

Heavy Duty Polypropylene (Does not degrade with sun exposure like most covers)

We pre-install a leader cord so you can hook your chain that runs down the length of the tarp, this way you can install your chain running in the length direction in a quick manner. 

We pre-install a leader cord running in the cross sleeves running in the width direction also. This will allow you to install your cables with ease.

AAA Tarps reinforces each of your cross sleeves pockets with a heavy duty canvas in order to provide a solution for the most common problem other landfill tarp manufacturers have which is CROSS SLEEVE FAILURE !! 

We notch out the Pocket where the chain goes through running in the length direction. This notch will provide your operators room to attach the cables in the cross sleeves to the chain running the length of the cover. Therefore reducing the cables walking back into the sleeve and creating tarp damage or downtime.

Our design is simply a more rugged, more user freindly, more durable and a better Landfill Cover.

  • Fewer Sleeve Failures and blow outs in your Automatic Deployment Alternative Daily Landfill Cover.
  • We do not expose any sewing threads on the Landfill Cover to the working face of the tarp, therefore reducing rips and tears in the Alternative Daily Landfill Cover.
  • We patch with additional reinforcements over our sewing threads in order to improve the life of the Automatic Landfill Cover.
  • Landfill Covers are sewn with Double Needle Lock Stitch
  • Reinforce each sleeve in the width direction with 2" Seatbelt Webbing
  • 2" Seatbelt Webbing running down the length and width of the replacement landfill tarp.
  • 2" x 24" Seatbelt Webbing with Dee Rings every 60" or (5') 
  • We can customize all of our Alternative Daily Covers

Please call or email if you have any questions on our Automatic Deployment replacement cover tarps. You need to look in the additional photo's section for drawings and photo's of our improved design. Please call us for freight rates since we have major discounts on shipping because of our volume. We have 3 offices to ship from within the United States and we stock these Tarps at 2 of these 3 warehouses

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Please feel free to Contact Us with any Questions. Thank You!