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Home > Products > Vinyl Hand/Throw Tarps > 12' x 18' Vinyl Waterproof hand/throw tarps for 10yd & 15yd roll-off containers
12' x 18' Vinyl Waterproof hand/throw tarps for 10yd & 15yd roll-off containers
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12' x 18' Vinyl Waterproof hand/throw tarps for 10yd & 15yd roll-off containers

Item Number: 1142

Price: $180.00
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12' x 18' Waterproof Vinyl Cover. Vinyl tarps are mainly used by haulers when you need to keep the load waterproof. Vinyl Waterproof throw tarps work great in many industries where you are manually covering your load and you need to keep the load not only contained but also waterproof. This tarp is made with a strong industrial PVC Vinyl Coating. The waterproof cover does not allow water or airflow through the vinyl tarp.

This 12' x 18' Tarp is a great solution to manually tarping 10 yard & 15 yard roll-off containers. This product not only makes a great roll-off container tarp cover but also will work great on any small to mid size truck tarp applications.

If you are looking for additional options on your vinyl waterproof flat tarps such as fitted corners, reinforced corners, reinforced ends, more grommets, more webbing, or dee rings then please call or email us for pricing.

Tarp Characteristics:


  • Fiber content: Flexible PVC coated Polyester
  • PVC vinyl waterproof tarp weight is approximately 18 oz. per square yard
  • Durable and versatile waterproof rolloff container tarp
  • Grommets every 24" on center around perimeter of vinyl tarp
  • Grommets that will "not" rust are placed into this heavy duty vinyl tarp
  • Good general purpose waterproof cover for rolloff containers
  • Low Cost

NOTE: These typical property values are intended as guides only and not as specification limits

  • PVC Waterproof Vinyl Tarp Applications-
    1. Refuse Hauling Tarps
    2. Waste Hauling Tarps
    3. Gravel Hauling Tarps
    4. Sand Hauling Tarps
    5. Tree Hauling Tarps
    6. Landscaping Hauling Tarps
    7. Debris Hauling Tarps
    8. Trash Hauling Tarps
    9. Wood Chip Hauling Tarps
    10. Mulch Hauling Tarps
    11. Contractor Tarps
    12. Throw Tarps
    13. Farming Tarps
    14. Nursery Tarps
    15. Commercial Tarps
    16. Rubbish Hauling Tarps
    17. Roll Off Container Tarps
    18. Hand Tarps
    19. Manual Tarps
    20. Saw Mill Waste Tarps
    21. Constrution Dumpster Tarps
    22. Rail Car Covers or Rail Car Tarps and many more.

Recommended uses also include vinyl waterproof tarp for open top trailers, vinyl waterproof tarp for trash trailers, vinyl rag tarps for small to mid size trailers, waterproof vinyl container tarps, vinyl waterproof tarps for roll-off containers, vinyl waterproof tarps for 10 yard rolloff boxes, vinyl waterproof tarps for 15 yard rolloff boxes and many other uses.

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