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Home > Products > Standard Asphalt Tarps for Dump Bodies - 7' and 7'6" wide Asphalt Tarps - Straight covers no flaps > 7' x 16' Asphalt Tarp, Replacement Hot Asphalt Tarp
7' x 16' Asphalt Tarp, Replacement Hot Asphalt Tarp
Additional Photos Waterproof vinyl flip tarp Waterproof vinyl flip tarp 6 inch heavy duty vinyl pocket Brass grommets along plastic spline 6 inch vinyl pocket with brass grommets
7' x 16' Asphalt Tarp, Replacement Hot Asphalt Tarp

Item Number: 1036

Price: $80.00
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AAA Tarps replacement asphalt tarps and asphalt covers are 100% made in the USA. These blacktop tarps and blacktop covers will fit most dump body tarp applications. They will fit most electric and manual dump truck and dump trailer tarping systems on the market. These waterproof vinyl tarps are great for not only keeping your load dry and secure but also work great for keeping the heat inside the body when used properly. Most paving companies today are using PVC vinyl for their asphalt tarp applications. These vinyls are tested for use in hot asphalt tarping conditions.

  • 100% MADE IN USA on all of our asphalt tarp fabrics and vinyl flip tarp fabrications including all our custom waterproof tarps.
  • Our Heavy Duty paving tarps are extremely durable for all waterproof hauling applications.
  • Our Replacement asphalt dump tarps are designed to be used on most types of electric and manual tarp and covering systems like the front to rear tarp systems, flip tarp kits, mousetrap tarp systems, cab-level crank tarp systems, ground level crank tarp systems, arm tarp kits for all length bodies.
  • Offered in 7', 7'6" and 8' widths. Various lengths of replacement truck tarps are available.

AAA Tarps can replace all of the following tarp brands and many more:

Mountain Tarp, Aero Industries, Donovan Tarp, Roll Rite, Shurco, Deroche
Canvas & Tarp, Granite State Cover, Harps Tarps, Pull Tarp, Kym Industries,
Tarping Systems, Cosner Tarp and Cramaro Tarp.

Heavy Duty Hot Asphalt Tarp and Asphalt Cover Sewing Specifications:


  • PVC Coated Vinyl - 20x20 Woven Yarn Construction
  • Reinforced Webbing sewn on the front of the straight asphalt tarp and on the pocket for the crossbar
  • 6" Pocket opening for the crossbar to go through in order to move your waterproof tarp forward and backward
  • Double Needle lock stitch sewing on the front and rear of the blacktop tarp, in order to keep the paving tarp from ripping or tearing.
  • No Rust grommets placed on the front of the waterproof tarp in order to attach tarp to roller bar.
  • Great Airflow for improved solid tarp life against wind flap
  • Fiber content:PVC coated Polyester 1000 Denier Yarn
  • Extremely durable and rugged for all waterproof hauling applicatons

Applications for 18oz. Vinyl Coated Fabric:

  1. Waste Hauling Tarps
  2. Gravel Hauling Tarps
  3. Sand Hauling Tarps
  4. Tree Hauling Tarps
  5. Landscaping Hauling Tarps
  6. Debris Hauling Tarps
  7. Trash Hauling Tarps
  8. Wood Chip Hauling Tarps
  9. Mulch Hauling Tarps
  10. Contractor Tarps
  11. Throw Tarps
  12. Farming Tarps
  13. Nursery Tarps
  14. Commercial Tarps
  15. Rubbish Hauling Tarps
  16. Manual Tarps
  17. Saw Mill Waste Tarps
  18. Replacement dump truck tarps
  19. Flip tarps
  20. Arm tarps
  21. Tarping systems
  22. Replacement Flip tarps
  23. Replacement Arm tarps
  24. Asphalt tarps
  25. Waterproof tarps

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